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Invited talks

  • Bahareh Afshari. An infinitary treatment of temporal logic
  • Albert Atserias. Circular (Yet Sound) Proofs
  • Ralph Matthes. Finiteness properties of simple types through a coinductive lambda-calculus
  • Moritz Müller. Provability and consistency of circuit lower bounds
  • Takako Nemoto. Systems for constructive reverse mathematics
  • Ludovic Patey. Ramsey-like theorems and moduli of computation
  • Tachio Terauchi. A Formal Analysis of Timing Channel Security via Bucketing

Contributed talks

  • Ulrich Berger. Extracting the Fan Functional
  • Valentin Blot. Second-order arithmetic, comprehension scheme and bar recursion
  • Franz Brauße, Pieter Collins, Johannes Kanig, Sunyoung Kim, Michal Konecny, Gyesik Lee, Norbert Th. Müller, Eike Neumann, Sewon Park, Norbert Preining and Martin Ziegler. Semantics, Logic, and Verification of “Exact Real Computation”
  • Yannick Forster and Dominique Larchey-Wendling. A constructive Coq library for the mechanization of undecidability
  • Emmanuel Hainry, Bruce Kapron, Jean-Yves Marion and Romain Péchoux. Tiered complexity at higher order
  • Akira Hashida and Nao Hirokawa. Left-Normal Translation
  • Hugo Herbelin and Nuria Brede. On the logical structure of certain bar induction and choice principles
  • Willem Heijltjes, Dominic Hughes and Lutz Straßburger. Proof nets for first-order additive linear logic
  • Tatsuji Kawai. Presenting de Groot duality of stably compact spaces
  • Akitoshi Kawamura and Ulysse Léchine. On randomized polynomial-time approximability of real numbers and sets
  • Daisuke Kimura, Makoto Tatsuta and Koji Nakazawa. Entailment Checking Procedure for Symbolic Heap using Complete Cyclic Proof System
  • Koji Nakazawa, Daisuke Kimura, Tachio Terauchi, Hiroshi Unno, and Kenji Saotome. On Cut-Elimination Theorem in Cyclic-Proof Systems
  • Sam Sanders. Nets and Reverse Mathematics
  • Florian Steinberg and Holger Thies. Some formal proofs of isomorphy and discontinuity
  • Makoto Tatsuta, Koji Nakazawa and Daisuke Kimura. Completeness of Cyclic Proofs for Symbolic Heaps with Cone Inductive Definitions
  • Hideki Tsuiki. Infinite Adequacy Theorem through Coinductive Definitions
  • Pierre Vial and Delia Kesner. Exact Bounds in Classical Natural Deduction
  • Keita Yokoyama. “First-order parts” of Weihrauch degrees